BBDP Quarterly Metrics

The Bluegrass Business Development Partnership (BBDP) records and reports their activities on a quarterly basis. In the quarterly report, each member compiles a standard metric of economic development activity which is summed into a yearly total and compared against the previously set goal.

Quarterly Reports

FY2017 Q3 Report

FY2017 Q2 Report

FY2017 Q1 Report

FY2016 Q4 Report

FY2016 Q3 Report

FY2016 Q2 Report

FY2016 Q1 Report

FY2015 Q4 Report

FY2015 Q3 Report

FY2015 Q2 Report

FY2015 Q1 Report

FY2014 Q4 Report

FY2014 Q3 Report

FY2014 Q2 Report

FY2014 Q1 Report

FY2013 Q4 Report

FY2013 Q3 Report

FY2013 Q2 Report

FY2013 Q1 Report

FY2012 Q3 Report

FY2012 Q2 Report

FY2012 Q1 Report

FY2011 Q4 Report

FY2011 Q3 Report

FY2011 Q2 Report

FY2011 Q1 Report

FY2010 Q4 Report

FY2010 Q3 Report

FY2010 Q2 Report

FY2010 Q1 Report

FY2009 Q4 Report

FY2009 Q3 Report

FY2009 Q2 Report

FY2009 Q1 Report