The Business and Education Network (BEN) 

Ensuring that Central Kentucky has an educated workforce with the skills employers are seeking is essential to our economic competitiveness. Commerce Lexington supports workforce development through its partnership with the Business and Education Network (BEN), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
The Business and Education Network is a coalition connecting education and industry needs in Central Kentucky. We identify growth opportunities and develop initiatives with partners in the community to create, attract, and sustain a globally-skilled workforce.
1. Identification of Workforce Skill Gaps
Gathering and analyzing relevant workforce data for the Lexington-Fayette MSA. This includes unemployment, regional workforce trade, top industries, education/workforce training initiatives and career pathways.
2. Global Competitiveness
Lexington is part of The Global Cities Education Network (GCEN), an international learning community of school systems in Asia and North America. This international network includes Denver, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Seattle, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Houston, and Toronto. Working with the Asia Society and experts from around the world, the Business & Education Network (BEN) partners with Fayette County Public Schools to research high-performing school systems from other countries to determine what can be adapted and implemented in our community to ensure we have a globally competitive workforce.
3. Business & Education Partnerships
Learning experiences with real-world application is important to student success and enhanced skill development in potential future employees. Innovative collaboration between business and education promotes success for the entire community.
Focus Areas:
·         Identify current & future workforce needs
·         Support alignment of workforce training and education resources
·         Youth development
·         Connect the education and business communities to support talent pipeline development in the region

2018 Board of the Business and Education Network 

For more information on the Business & Education Network, please contact Betsy Dexter, Executive Director. 

  Betsy Dexter
  Executive Director, The Business & Education Network


  Natalie Shepard
  Partnership Manager, The Business & Education Network