Commerce Lexington is generously supported by its investors. Through a variety of programs, sponsorships, and campaigns, the investors of Commerce Lexington support the local business community.

Commerce Lexington Top Investors

The Commerce Lexington Top Investor Program includes leaders in our community who recognize that their business’ success is directly connected to the economic success of our region. In taking a leadership position, they are ensuring future successes by reinvesting in the local business community through Commerce Lexington. Top Investors believe in the mission of Commerce Lexington. They understand that the prominence of their organization makes it appropriate to be a substantial contributor to Commerce Lexington’s operation and to help improve the local business climate and our quality of life. In appreciation, Top Investors receive relationship building and recognition opportunities above and beyond what is provided by a standard Commerce Lexington membership. They are vital to the success of the organization and the community as a whole.  To find out more about the Top Investor Program and where your company might fit, contact Lynda Bebrowsky at 859-226-1611.


Full Stride Investors are members of the Greater Lexington business community who have invested in Commerce Lexington’s Economic Development Division and the Lexington Partnership for Workforce Development. In 1997, the Greater Lexington business community took a leap forward in our economic development efforts by creating and funding Lexington Strides Ahead. Lexington Strides Ahead funds important initiatives of Commerce Lexington’s Economic Development Division, Community and Minority Business Development, and the Business and Education Network.

The goal of Lexington Full Stride will always be to focus on enhancing our business climate and competitive position. Commerce Lexington’s Economic Development Division focuses on three ways to create primary jobs and increase the amount of income coming into our community: business attraction, business retention and expansion, and business creation.

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