Building on its early reputation as the Athens of the West, Lexington continues to excel in education.

Kentucky’s commitment to education over the last 20-plus years has made it a model for the nation.  The catch phrase, “Education Pays,” has been embraced throughout the region.  Kentucky has made major strides in teacher pay, student testing, teacher training, and administration. The county continues to set high standards for education, with students consistently scoring above state and national averages on both the SAT and ACT.  A majority of high school graduates in Fayette County later attend college. 

For parents seeking other alternatives for their children’s education, Lexington offers many quality private and parochial schools, many of which have found success in sports with state championships and academics with high test scores. Overall, private and parochial school enrollment numbers have seen a strong surge in recent years. Tuition and admission requirements vary, so be sure to contact individual schools for more detailed information.