Lexington, Kentucky has a unique mix of software and information technology companies. Home to industry leaders such as Conduent, IBM, OpenText, and the world headquarters of Lexmark, Lexington also has a thiriving group of software startups and entrepreneurs. With such a diverse cast of business in the industry Lexington is an ideal location for IT and software businesses.


IBM operates branch offices in Lexington, employing 200 people at IBM Global Services. In 1991, IBM created a spin-off, Lexmark, a major provider of printing products, imaging, software, solutions, and services. Lexmark is headquartered in Lexington and has over 1,600 employees in the city conducting R&D and managing the global enterprise.

Funai Electric Company, Ltd. acquired Lexmark’s inkjet technology assets, over 1,500 patents, and a manufacturing facility in 2013 and announced plans to open a subsidiary, Funai Lexington Technology Corporation. The new company employs nearly 50 people and conducts research and development in inkjet and microfluidic technologies.

Although not headquartered in Lexington, Conduent is a major presence in the city. As a leader in business processing and IT outsourcing, thousands of companies rely on Conduent for IT services and solutions, including data center management, disaster recovery, network management services, and high-volume support services. Currently, Conduent employs 2,500 people in Lexington and is one of the region’s largest employers.

Galmont Consulting LLC is a leading software testing and consultant company located in Lexington. In 2015, Galmont was purchased by Software Quality Systems (SQS), the global specialist supplier of software quality systems, for $22 million. by acquiring Galmont, SQS diversified and extended its geographic operations, expanded its revenue base, and created new business opportunities through Galmont’s established business relationships. As with many mergers and acquisitions of Lexington companies, SQS kept operations in Lexington. This recommitment to the region is proof that Lexington is a profitable location for software and IT, and that Lexington’s workforce can provide the innovation and skills that these companies need to thrive.


Lexington is home to several local start-ups that are making a name for themselves in the world of social networking and game development. Frogdice Inc. is an independent game developer of online role-playing games and virtual worlds. Since 1996, Frogdice has been a market leader in providing an immersive, in-character experience unparalleled throughout the industry. Another Lexington-based gaming company is Gun Media. Gun Media’s goal is to build fresh and exciting interactive experiences for a wide range of platforms and gamers. The company created Breach & Clear, which was a number one bestselling game on the iPhone and iPad platform. These two creative start-ups represent a software niche that promises high growth in the years to come.

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