There are many reasons why a business looking to expand or relocate their company would have Lexington, KY high on their list. At Commerce Lexington Economic Development, to companies asking “Why Lexington?”, our website has displayed four major motivators in response: our Educated Workforce, Central Location, Low Business Costs, and High Quality of Life. We’re proud to announce that we’ve added one more answer to the question “Why Lexington?”, the city’s high Capacity for Innovation.

The new “Capacity for Innovation” page can viewed on the Commerce Lexington Economic Development website and offers insights into the various drivers, players, and policies that power Lexington’s innovative community. Visitors to the website can view metrics describing how the city’s higher education institutions help solidify the Lexington metro as the state-leader in innovation and how Lexington’s low business and living costs give entrepreneurs the most for every dollar of their investment. The page also outlines the state’s SBIR/STTR Matching Funds program, which allows federally-funded companies to apply for dollar-for-dollar matching funds on phase one and two SBIR/STTR grants.  Lastly, visitors can access a brief list of the major players in Lexington’s entrepreneurial community accompanied by brief descriptions of their activities and links to their websites.

Much like the thousands of students graduating every year from Bluegrass universities, Lexington, in yet another way, has graduated at the top of its class. For companies considering relocation or expansion into Lexington, they can add the community’s state-leading capacity for innovation to their list of reasons why.

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